Swrittenb in this forum post introduced a new Twelve Sand community activity/contest called Make a Quest Chain. Here's what he wrote:

Care to help with the content? Want to develop a quest chain that will end up in the game? Here's the basic seed for the quest:

Vargo Tills is a demonologist who is seeking the secret of eternal life. He has developed a Phylactery Prototype, and appears close to completing his goal.

What do you think? Should your characters help him complete the Phylactery and achieve lichdom at great reward to themselves, or should they be agents acting to prevent his success? Should both of those paths be possible? What are the risks and rewards of each option? Does Vargo's success open a new dungeon where he is the final boss?

I'd love to see people collaborating on the wiki about this new quest chain, and to see how it comes together. Once things are in a good state and everyone is happy, I'll go ahead and implement it in game. :)

Oh, and at least one of the top contributors to the quest will receive a nifty prize. The winners might be determined by a vote from the contributors, or I might just go ahead and pick someone. But there is a reward on the way, and it should be a nice one. :)

Also he added these guidelines:

... Don't write a quest that I'm going to have to spend a year implementing, but anything leveraging existing mechanics, or even some sneaky new ones are reasonable. Something like saving or slaying Vargo can be a per-ascension decision as well, instead of a permanent one or a global one, so you can decide on the reward each time around.


Please add ideas on this article's talk page. Once we have a bunch of ideas, we can see about how to consolidate and combine them.

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