Most actions in Twelve Sands require an expenditure of fatigue. Fatigue is measured as a percentage. When fatigue reaches 100% you can no longer adventure, mine, fish, cook, or craft, with the exception of PvP.

The Basics Edit

In order to continue paying after reaching 100%, it is necessary to eat food, as that is currently the only way in Twelve Sands to reduce fatigue. Eating food has several effects on the consuming character:

  • Depending on the food, eating will heal some hit points.
  • Depending on the food, you may be affected by a beneficial buff.
  • Nearly every food consumed will restore some amount of fatigue. The best in-game fatigue restorer is currently the Fortified Fruit Preserves, which restores 40% of your fatigue. Most foods restore a fixed amount of fatigue.
  • All foods will will increase your character's fullness. Fullness, like fatigue, is a % based measure of how much food you can eat. When fullness reaches 100%, you cannot eat anymore. If you get your fullness to 99%, the last food consumed can exceed 100%. Each food grants what is (an unknown) probably a fixed amount of fullness. This information is incomplete because a character's fullness increases a little bit each level.

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